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A New Planetarium Opens!!!



As early as February 2001, the idea of opening Planetarium Metrotown was conceptualized. The aim of the Planetarium is to provide easy access on the fast pace world of information technology. With this in mind, a franchise of Planetarium was born. Putting an internet cafe in the mall is the first step in realizing the aim. Christopher W Chappell is the proud first franchisee of the Planetariun Internet Cafe. Nov. 9, 2001 was the grand opening of the Metrotown Branch. It was attended by Mr. Bong Tipay who cut the ceremonial ribbon, as well as by the Mall Manager, Ms. Annie de Leon and Marketing manager, Ms. Vina Dunca. It was an altogether successful opening signifying a good prospect both for the cafe and its clientele. Initially six (6) units of computers are installed to serve the people, plans are now being formulated to put up additional computers in order to meet the growing demands of internet users. This is the start of the realization of a dream to provide first class information through advance technology, build a bridge to gain access to information super-highway. Information is power, explore the world of internet.




A New Planetarium Opens

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